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GeoHandles app helps you share / track location of any moving thing in real time, capture, share & discover places.Geofone - allows you to do a location call. All new and interesting way of sharing location with friends.
Dont make your friends wait anymore. Using GeoHandles new meetup feature, friends can now meet with other friends anywhere. One of the friends can launch a meetup group and others can join and see each other on map.
Sharing address gets lot easier now, just capture location / place and share with others.
Very useful app for office going people travelling in common bus / cab, car pool (knowing location of car), parents tracking childs school bus, sharing location to loved ones etc.
Dont worry about privacy anymore. You control when your location gets visible to whom & for how long.
1. Location sharing: Moving Handles a. For individuals - i. Share your location on specified times daily while going to office, college or coming back to home. Just create a moving handle. Keep your parents, friends & loved ones more informed about your presence. ii. Car pooling, car location. Person driving vehicle can share location to others travelling in same vehicle. ii. Ad-hoc sharing location to others this is like sharing location to friend for next 30 mins while on way to his home etc. iii. Share / track location with friends, connect with your family members while they travel to office etc. iv. Long duration usage supported. Track for 6-8 hrs with battery optimized mode (settings) b. For office going people - i. Cab or bus riders can create a moving handle group and let everyone know location of cab. No need to call to know, how far are you! Just search & follow moving handle! ii. For corporate - Using platform paid build, they can setup centralized monitoring consoles & location sharing system with other advanced features. For details please write to
c. For Schools - Schools can easily use the platform to inform parents about bus location. Just create a moving handles for each bus with a name (that parents will search), select days & time that bus location should be visible. Make it public with approval. Ask parents to search and follow.
d. For Restaurants i. Share location of food delivery person with end consumer. ii. Paid version with more advance features is available. For details please write to admin@dgpulse.com2. Location Management - Save location, associate pictures to make them more real and share location with others. "Fixed Handle" is integrated with google maps & helps in navigating to the location.
Individuals can discover locations, search nearby locations (shops, restaurants etc). Our location database is evolving fast, so please dont mind if you do not see locations in your city.
For business owners (Offices, schools, Shops) - you may capture your shop, business etc & post it for free as public fixed handle. Use "Search Nearby Location" page to capture new businesses.
We would generate a unique id, that can be searched & resolved to exact location. No need to have app for this. Generate web URL from app share feature & share it with others.
3. Contribute back to society - Geo Handles team will regularly launch social campaign. Contribute by capturing location, take pictures & answer few questions in "More (optional)" section while creating "Fixed Handle". We will try our best to take this data to authorities. Follow us on for more.
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